About us

Pharm-Ex is a leading pharmaceutical consultant and trading company that is operating globally. We are based in Hong Kong, one of the main business hubs in the world.
Pharm-Ex offers its professional services and B2B solutions to many clients (like companies, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, clinics, and hospitals) in several countries. We work hard to find the fastest and most economical ways for our clients to fulfil their procurement needs.
Pharm-Ex offers its clients the best solution for their needs, from licensed pharmaceutical products to medicines, medical equipment, cosmetic & personal care products, food supplements, etc. Whatever our clients need, we offer them the best solution to support their needs with the help of our strong and wide network of medical/medicinal supplies.
Discover Pharm-Ex

Our Products

Medicine Supply

Pharm-Ex supplies best class authentic drugs and health care essentials to clinical firms across the globe.

Food Supplements

We maintain a stock of wide choice of health care supplements so that you get the latest date stock to utilize the product.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes management plays a vital role for most body organs. The right medicine for diabetes helps you control blood glucose levels

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Almost everyone uses cosmetics and personal care products in their routine life. Considering the importance of personal hygiene

Our Services

Medicine Supply Services

We provide a wide range of medicines listed under various categories and a better choice of over-the-counter solutions

International Sales

Pharm-Ex offers a superior procurement service with easy navigation and absolute transactional security.

Packaging & Shipping

We follow standard manufacturing practices and quality control guidelines for medicines and pharmaceutical essentials.

Pharm-Ex aims and believes in bringing a healthy and promising life to your doorstep!